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Precision that inspires

H-I-M Villa Construction stands for PRECISION THAT Empowers

And this is only possible through the integration of the best craftsmanship.
Therefore, H-I-M has established contacts to the best craftsmen of the individual building industries over the years and maintains them through constant mutual appreciation and recognition. Because only in this way is a long-term, fair and mutually appreciated cooperation possible.

And these craftsmen meet the very high standards of H-I-M and its customers in every construction project. No matter whether it is the carpenter who manufactures and installs floor-to-ceiling doors made of the best material with concealed hinges and perfect gap dimensions, or around the perfectly plastered wall in the entrance area with built-in LED light strip.
The wall shines in the light and shows neither waves nor shadows or stripes, it is a smooth surface that proves its elegance through the light.

And thus it inspires everyone who enters the exclusive building through these doors and somehow automatically feels at home.

Newly-built real estate in modern architecture by H-I-M Villenbau MunichClear lines combined with functional equipment: H-I-M Villenbau understands and realizes the architecture of its new buildings as an intelligent symbiosis of form and function


The architecture of H-I-M Villenbau has a high recognition value. Learn more about the style elements that define the design and form language of our properties.

The Design of H-I-M Villenbau


We give you the opportunity to take part in the design process of your new property, adapting a variety of equipment details, such as wall and floor coverings or sanitary equipment, to your personal wishes and expectations.

Equipment of new properties by H-I-M Villenbau

special requests

In addition to the equipment options we offer as standard, we also implement complex modifications – starting from the shower with integrated steam bath function to the elaborate BUS system, which allows the entire house technology to be controlled at the push of a button.

Special requests at H-I-M Villenbau

Green building

H-I-M Villenbau sets high value on a healthy, ecological and future-oriented construction. Find out what is important to us in the realization of our new building real estate and what we pay attention to:

Green building with H-I-M Villenbau