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Construction quality of H-I-M Villenbau

If you decide to buy a new building or apartment by H-I-M Villenbau you make a conscious decision for modern and timeless architecture and high construction quality. You also decide in favour of a new property that is tailored to your individual needs and requirements. We understand sophisticated architecture based on the BAUHAUS philosophy as an intelligent symbiosis of form and function. We focus on minimalism and the art of omission, wherever it is reasonable. And we realize functional living spaces that maximize the comfort of the future residents. We do not just go with the times, but try to be a bit ahead of the zeitgeist with every property we build. In this section, we explain what makes our architecture special and which individual design opportunities you have got with us.

Newly-built real estate in modern architecture by H-I-M Villenbau MunichClear lines combined with functional equipment: H-I-M Villenbau understands and realizes the architecture of its new buildings as an intelligent symbiosis of form and function


The architecture of H-I-M Villenbau has a high recognition value. Learn more about the style elements that define the design and form language of our properties.

The Design of H-I-M Villenbau


We give you the opportunity to take part in the design process of your new property, adapting a variety of equipment details, such as wall and floor coverings or sanitary equipment, to your personal wishes and expectations.

Equipment of new properties by H-I-M Villenbau

special requests

In addition to the equipment options we offer as standard, we also implement complex modifications – starting from the shower with integrated steam bath function to the elaborate BUS system, which allows the entire house technology to be controlled at the push of a button.

Special requests at H-I-M Villenbau

Green building

H-I-M Villenbau sets high value on a healthy, ecological and future-oriented construction. Find out what is important to us in the realization of our new building real estate and what we pay attention to:

Green building with H-I-M Villenbau