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The Design by H-I-M Villenbau

The high-quality residential properties of H-I-M Villenbau are characterized by clear lines and a modern, sophisticated design. Large living areas, extra high rooms with room-high glazing and threshold-free sliding doors are among the hallmarks of our architecture.

Living area in newly built residence by H-I-M Villenbau MunichSpacious living areas and room-high, threshold-free window elements characterize the design by H-I-M Villenbau Munich (Pictured: living area and loggia of our multi-family villa EDITION M10 in Munich-Nymphenburg)

Stylistic elements of H-I-M – architecture

The recognition value of a newly-built property by H-I-M Villenbau is based not only on a clear form language, but also on very specific stylistic elements, which we realise where possible in every new building. Here are some examples:

Large living areas

Our newly built properties are characterized by spacious interiors. Extra-large living areas with open floor plans of approx. 100 m² to 350 m² and room heights of up to 3 m or more create a flowing sense of space.

Room-high glazing

Our newly-built residential properties feature elaborately designed room-high glazing, flooding the living areas with light and sun. The loggias and terrace areas are realised using threshold-free sliding door systems. The entrée of the residence, too, can be designed using extensive glazing, thus accentuating the staircase area to the penthouse and providing additional natural light.

Threshold-free design

The superfluous elements of a property include steps and thresholds that can become an obstacle, especially with increasing age. Properties by H-I-M Villenbau are designed treshold-free wherever possible. In addition, all our multifamily buildings are equipped with a modern lift so that the residents can move around the house unimpeded even in the case of temporary illness or at an old age.

Loggias and sun terraces

The special features of the H-I-M architecture comprise generously sized sun terraces and loggias. We position our "sun rooms" individually according to sunshine and with maximum privacy in mind, creating recreational areas that offer enough space to plant a small private garden or to linger in the open air even in larger company.

functional and forward-looking building equipment

Luxury is comfort that does not attract attention. For this reason, our understanding of great design includes the hidden integration of functional technologies that improve the efficiency and longevity of the property and facilitate everyday life. From energy-efficient combined heat and power plant to elaborately designed plants for the improvement of water quality, breathing air and noise protection, to future-oriented technologies, such as connections for e-filling stations in all underground garages. On request, we can also realise complex BUS systems, allowing to comfortably control all functions of the house technology by the push of a button.

Individual floor plans

A newly built apartment by H-I-M Villenbau is not a rigid corset, but a flexible habitat that can evolve with the resident and meet the requirements of different life phases. We adapt the floor plans of each apartment to the individual expectations of our customers and install flexibly positionable partition walls, which can be removed or inserted after the purchase at any time and without much effort.

»Architecture does not end at the facade, but permeates every room.«

Ralph Heim, H-I-M Villenbau GmbH Munich

Threshold-free glazing in newly-built property EDITION OD15 by H-I-M Villenbau MunichThe design of newly-built real estate by H-I-M Villenbau Munich does not put you in a rigid corset, but offers room to realize individual preferences. An example is our EDITION OD15 in Bogenhausen-Denning