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EDITION SP14 - VILLA 2: Custom family villa

This single villa is part of our villa composition EDITION SP14 in Munich-Obermenzing. It is located behind VILLA 1 on the rear side of the plot, being embedded in nature and secluded from the street.

VILLA 2 was designed and built to meet the needs of a young family with children. In addition to spacious, open floor plans and individual expansion options, the most important goal was to maximize privacy and quietness.

Following this request, the terrace for relaxation, sunbathing or reading, opens up towards the back side, thus being completely shielded from the surrounding. The second terrace for living and leisure activities, such as having a barbecue, playing or coffee parties, laterally adjoins to the living room, thus being positioned in a protected area between quietness and neighborly life.

Thanks to its custom conceptual design, EDITION SP14 fulfills the individual wishes of its residents and provides an oasis for family life, relaxation and retreat. High-quality building materials as well as custom features add to the atmosphere, increasing comfort and the high standard of living.