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EDITION SP14 - Villas made to measure

Around the original town center of Munich-Obermenzing and its old village church St. George, an elegant residential district has evolved, which is predominantly home to single-, two- or small apartment buildings and has preserved the charm of a garden city thanks to its many well-kept gardens.

In this sought-after neighborhood, we built two elegant single villas on a beautifully situated plot. The villas are arranged as a composition and were tailored by our architects to the individual needs of our customers and the particular location of the property.

For example, the building in the front opens towards a large, park-like garden, offering west- and southbound a gorgeous, unobstructed view of the green surroundings. To live up to this view, the front villa features particularly large floor-to-ceiling glass panels that allow for plenty of sunlight in the living areas. The penthouse, which was planned as an art atelier and retreat, has a particularly outstanding view, which can be enjoyed from its spacious roof terrace. 

While VILLA 1 was created as a representative habitat with bright living areas that make an ideal surrounding for artistic activities, VILLA 2 was tailored to the specific needs and requests of a family with children.