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EDITION SW55 – Precision to the last detail

At a beautiful chestnut avenue in Munich-Trudering we have built a luxurious multi-family villa with extra-high and spacious living areas. EDITION SW55 has only six units and is an example of the functionality and quality of BAUHAUS architecture in the urban context.

The architectural challenge of this project lay in the trapezoidal shape of the building ground. The park-like plot starts out small on street side, opening up on its rear side towards a wide green belt with ancient tree population. To preserve a maximum of green space for the residents, the multi-family villa was precisely tailored and fitted into this area: EDITION SW55 follows the lines of the ground, gradually extending rearwards. At the same time, the structure features a closed design facing north. On the west and south side, where view and sun are most beautiful, the property opens up widely to the green garden area thanks to exceptionally spacious loggias and sun terraces. The extensively glazed openings were positioned exactly where they are being needed inside the rooms. In addition, the terraces were aligned with maximum privacy in mind, so that residents can neither watch or disturb each other when spending time outside.

EDITION SW55 is a custom solution, which wouldn't have been possible with a classicist, symmetry-focused architectural style. By help of detailed planning and positioning of the cubistic elements that are characteristic of BAUHAUS architecture, it was possible to create splendid living conditions on the trapezoidal building ground. In addition, the cubature of this multi-family villa also features exciting aesthetics.