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Upcoming construction projects

The planning and development of a new building usually takes about two years. Due to the strong demand for freehold flats in the Munich area, our new apartments are often already let before the start of construction. This is why we are constantly working on new construction projects. If you would like to buy a new building in Munich, you will find an overview of follow-up projects currently being planned and developed by us on this page. Depending on the stage of development, you can signal or reserve your interest for an upcoming new construction project at an early stage. Please contact us

At irregular intervals, i.e. currently about three to four times a year, we send out a newsletter with preliminary information about newly acquired plots of land or upcoming construction projects. If you would like to be informed about our new properties before they are officially marketed, you can subscribe to our newsletter here.

  Real estate in Obermenzing Bild: @giesing, - Würm in Obermenzing

Obermenzing - where it is most beautiful

In the immediate vicinity of the Würm and the recreational area Würm-Aue in Obermenzing, the team of H-I-M Villenbau was recently able to acquire a garden plot in a quiet and idyllic location.

Here we are planning the EDITION FL32.

Obermenzing Picture: The Nymphenburg Canal in Obermenzing

We are currently planning and developing one new construction projects in a prime location in Obermenzing.

In direct neighbourhood of the mansion colony 1 in Obermenzing the team of the H-I-M Villenbau München could acquire recently a garden property in singular situation. The approx. 1,300 m² large area is located directly at the Nymphenburger Kanal in a quiet residential street, which flows into a small park.

This is where EDITION MA29 is created.

SchwabingPicture: © Behringer B, - Seehaus am Kleinhesseloher See

Schwabing - where it is most beautiful

In Schwabing, one of the most famous districts of Munich, only a few minutes' walk to Kleinhesseloher See with the popular beer garden "Seehaus", we are currently planning a multi-family villa with, as always, only a few condominiums, two of which are roof terrace apartments.

EDITION WM03 is being built in close proximity to the quiet and idyllic northern part of the English Garden and is only a few minutes away from the center of Schwabing.