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Roofing ceremony - an old tradition revived

On Monday, 21 June 2021, the traditional topping-out ceremony was held at H-I-M Villenbau's new building project EDITION VR01 in Grünwald, Von-Ranke-Straße, at the corner of Oberhachinger Straße.

When the shell is finished and the roof truss is erected, it has been the custom for centuries for the carpenters to put up the topping-out crown on the roof truss and to inaugurate the new building with a hearty topping-out speech. This tradition, which has now become a rarity, has been reactivated by H-I-M Villenbau. Less than 4.5 months after the foundation stone of EDITION VR01 was laid, the commercial property was given this crown on 21 June 2021. About 40 guests were invited, among them the craftsmen involved in the construction, the architects as well as specialist planners and other service providers.

Under a gloriously blue sky and bright sunshine, the developer, managing director and partner Ralph Heim opened the festivities at around 12:30 p.m. with a welcoming speech. Traditionally, the carpenter Sepp Danner then asked for God's blessing and good luck for the users of the house with his topping-out speech. The ceremony ended with the custom that the builder should hammer the last nail into the roof truss. The builder Ralph Heim succeeded in doing this with only a few unerring strokes. Afterwards, the completion of the building shell was celebrated in a convivial get-together with food and drink.

On the left: Constructor Ralph Heim.
Right: Carpenter Sepp Danner inaugurates the new building with the roofing ceremony.

EDITION VR01: An elegant office building with large and small as well as flexible units.
Built in classical architecture with a generous roof terrace.

Here, a spacious entrance hall is created that provides an exclusive ambience
as soon as you enter the property.

You can find more information about this project at our New building edition.