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Special requests

H-I-M Villenbau realizes very individual residential properties with personality. We offer you the greatest possible freedom to design your new home individually according to your ideas and wishes and also implement complex changes on special request.

Light design by Occhio at H-I-M Villenbau Munich
Small accent for the right mood: on special request we realize in our newly built properties a thoroughly designed, multifunctional lighting system (Pictured: Light design by Occhio)

In addition to the equipment we standardly build into all our properties, you have the possibility to arrange individual wishes and changes. The equipment details being regularly realized on special request, include, for example, open fireplaces, which can also be provided with energy-saving firebricks.

If you buy your new apartment, penthouse or villa at an early stage of the building process, we can design a multifunctional lighting system and tailor it to your individual requirements. Using a long-life, energy-saving LED technology, we can create accents and light moods being controlled either manually or automatically.

Furthermore, it is possible to install fixtures, such as a sauna in the wellness bath, 'rain shower' showers, which can be used as a steam bath in double function or separate fitness and guest areas. The latter are particularly suitable for apartments with additional living space in the basement.

Of course, we also implement complex BUS systems on request, which can be used to control the entire home automation system at home or whilst travelling by simply pressing a button. Thus, it is possible to switch on the floor heating system already at the airport, to programme an intelligent time control for frequently used devices or to couple the blind system with a wind and rain monitor – just to name a few examples.

Design fireplace by Schinharl at H-I-M Villenbau Munich
Also available on special request: open fireplaces, which can be implemented as room dividers or as built-in units (Pictured: Fireplace by fireplace manufacturer Schinharl)

Individual Assistance

To fully adapt your new property to your individual requirements and wishes, we personally support you throughout the entire building process. Our experienced construction team closely works with you to develop the ideal ground plan and equipment details, including your special wishes. In the scope of technical feasability, we aim at realizing as many of your wishes as possible, weaving your modifications into the ongoing construction process and ensuring timely completion.

The following always applies: The sooner you buy an apartment, penthouse or villa by H-I-M Villenbau, the more room you have to bring in your own ideas. If you are buying before the start of the building process, for example, we can fully integrate your wishes into the planning process right from the start. If you buy the new property just before completion, it is possible that certain decisions (such as the question whether the building includes a chimney shaft or not) have already been made. This is one of the reasons why most of our residential properties often are already sold before the start of construction.