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Sophisticated buyers of high-quality villas and villa apartments expect to live in an environment that reflects their own taste and their personal desires. Our goal and mission is to realize your individual ideas, so that you can enjoy your personal domestic culture in your own home. In this section we would like to present some of the villas and villa apartments we already built and show you what we could do for you, too.

Live your personal standard.


Our references

New building real estate by H-I-M Villenbau in Munich-Nymphenburg



At the gates of the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich, just a few minutes' walk from the Südliche Auffahrtsallee and the Schlosskanal, we have realized the multi-family villa Edition PR35.

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New building real estate by H-I-M Villenbau in Herzogpark Bogenhausen


Multifamily villa in Munich-Nymphenburg  |  New building

We built EDITION M10 in the immediate vicinity of the Castle of Nymphenburg, one of the most privileged and sought-after residential areas in Munich. The high-quality multi-family villa features five residential units and is characterized by an avant-garde design. In addition to generously proportioned living areas with room-high glazing, we realized an intelligent light design inside and outside of the villa apartments, putting a spotlight on the stylish architecture of this new building project.

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New building real estate by H-I-M Villenbau in Herzogpark Bogenhausen

Edition MK105

Multy family villa in Munich-Bogenhausen, Herzogpark  |  New building

Villa construction has a long tradition in the elegant quarter "Herzogpark" in Munich-Bogenhausen. From the Prinzregentenzeiteit until today, an impressive variety of representative city villas has been built in this representative area. Our EDITION MK105 sets new standards in traditional villa construction, featuring state-of-the-art technical equipment that has been adapted to the needs of the future residents down to the last detail – from complex BUS systems to energy-saving design fireplaces or luxurious wellness spas.

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New building real estate by H-I-M Villenbau in Bogenhausen-Denning


Single villa in Bogenhausen-Denning  |  New building

Our EDITION OD15 is a jewel that reflects the elegance and functionality of modern architecture. Following the idea and philosophy of Bauhaus architecture, this individual villa was designed to meet the wishes and requirements of a family with children. One highlight of this property is the elaborately designed glazing on the ground floor, which extends over more than 10 meters spanning over the entire front of the luxurious single-family villa.

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New building real estate by H-I-M Villenbau in Bogenhausen-Herzogpark


Multifamily villa in Munich-Bogenhausen, Herzogpark  |  New building

Our EDITION PN32, too, was realized in a modern version of the BAUHAUS architecture and tailored to the wishes of the future resident. The 800m² representative single villa has been structured in such a way that it offers space for business receptions and social events in addition to private accommodation. The property presents itself closed to the street to ensure maximum privacy. Due to the high safety requirements, extensive installations for protection against burglary were implemented.

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Luxury real estate by H-I-M Villenbau in Munich Bogenhausen


Multifamily villa in Munich-Bogenhausen  |  New building

In a particularly charming location in Munich-Bogenhausen, we built this modern multi-family residence including four spacious villa apartments and one penthouse. EDITION ON37 was realized in the villa colony Am Priel-Hof, a historic residential district at the banks of the river Isar in Bogenhausen that is characterized by its neighbourhood of stately mansions.

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New building real estate by H-I-M Villenbau in Munich-Solln


Multi-family villa in Alt-Solln, Munich  |  New building

Perfect home in a perfect location. The stately area, on which our EDITION AL03 was built, is embedded between spacious gardens and villas in the classy Munich villa district of Alt-Solln. In the midst of this idyll, the spacious loggias, balconies and roof terraces of the high-quality multi-family villa unfold their very special charm.

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New building real estate by H-I-M Villenbauin Munich-Solln


Multifamily villa in Munich-Solln  |  New building

Our EDITION AL49 in Munich-Solln, too, is a paradise for nature lovers. The modern new villa has six residential areas with open ground plans, residential areas up to 80m² and more, as well as ceiling-high door and window elements. The spacious terraces and loggias of this property open up towards a park-like garden, offering a marvelous view and maximum privacy in one of the most relaxing locations in Munich.

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New building real estate by H-I-M Villenbau in Munich-Waldtrudering


Multi-family villa in Munich-Waldtrudering  |  New building

Out EDITION G22 was built in the idyllic suburban quarter Munich-Waldtrudering, being located on the threshold between urban life and nature. The elegant multifamily residence is optimized to offer maximum comfort of living. All four residential units as well as the penthouse feature generously dimensioned and almost threshold-free floor plans. The ecological construction with environmentally friendly materials further adds to the well-being of the future residents.

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New building real estate by H-I-M Villenbau in Munich-Waldtrudering


Multifamily villa in Trudering  |  New building

Our EDITION SW55 is an example of the functionality and quality of the BAUHAUS architecture in an urban context. The architectural challenge of this project lay in the trapezoidal shape of the building ground: The park-like plot starts out small on street side, opening up on its rear side towards a wide green belt with ancient tree population. To preserve a maximum green area for the future residents, the newly built villa was precisely cut to size and fitted into the area.

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New building real estate by H-I-M Villenbau in Munich-Obermenzing

EDITION SP14 - Villa 1

Single villas in Obermenzing – Villa 1  |  New building

On a very beautiful garden property in Munich-Obermenzing, we built an elegant villa composition featuring two elegant single villas. Our architects tailored both properties of EDITION SP14 to the individual wishes and requirements of our customers as well as to the particular location of the property. Thus Villa 1 was created as a representative living space with bright rooms for artistic activity. The penthouse offers a particularly beautiful and unobstructable view into nature, opening up toward a park-like area and featuring a spacious roof terrace.

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New building real estate by H-I-M Villenbau in Munich-Obermenzing

EDITION SP14 – Villa 2

Single villas in Obermenzing – Villa 2  |  New building

Villa two is located in the rear area of the property, being embedded in nature and secluded from the street. VILLA 2 was designed and built to meet the needs of a young family with children. In addition to spacious, open floor plans and individual expansion options, the most important goal was to maximize privacy and quietness.

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