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Green Future

With the claim to leave a livable and intact environment for future generations, H-I-M Villenbau puts special focus on ecological building. For a long-lasting living concept in harmony with the environment, we place particular emphasis on the conservation of natural resources, the protection of the ecosystem, and the improvement of residential health.

Extensively greened flat roofs improve air quality, store water, and help counterbalance the negative effects of soil sealing


H-I-M makes roofs green. Our flat roofs are a landmark for our typical H-I-M architecture. And we green these roofs as much as possible, on the one hand to partially compensate for soil sealing with them. In addition, to optimize air quality and reduce CO2 levels.


Our buyers can also partially green the walls on balconies and terraces. These "hanging gardens" are perfect for kitchen herbs and equally beautiful plants. Thus, a gray wall becomes a green stone the Green Stone* of the future.


If you own an apartment from H-I-M Villenbau, you can save yourself the trouble of carrying water bottles every day. Because H-I-M also pays attention to the quality of the water and its environmental compatibility. Thus the water from the lines is treated in such a way that the lime content, which is usually very high in the Munich region, is reduced and at the same time the taste remains natural. The water pipes, which are laid in stainless steel instead of plastic, also play their part.


Clean air is an important issue when it comes to health and well-being. That's why we use high-quality materials throughout the entire building, especially when it comes to wall paints, adhesives and other areas that affect the indoor air. See also BAUQUALITY - healthy living.


And so we are also working on other projects, such as ensuring that electricity generated by building technology can be stored in environmentally friendly batteries in the future and thus be used by residents at a later date. For heating and hot water supply, we are working with very efficient combined heat and power plants, and where it makes sense with groundwater heat pumps. And we already have our eye on supplying our buildings with hydrogen technology as soon as it is technically and economically feasible and makes sense.

»We are thinking ahead and already creating a green future for our H-I-M villa buildings.«
H-I-M Villenbau GmbH München

* protected brand names of H-I-M