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New Building EDITION MA29

High-quality villa ensemble at the Nymphenburg Canal

In the first residential row to the Nymphenburg Canal, we are building an elegant villa ensemble with 10 units. EDITION MA29 is being built on an area of approximately 2,400 square meters at the end of a side arm of Marsopstraße which has very little traffic. A wide green strip with old trees protects the property from view and, according to the garden statutes of the city of Munich, is already part of an adjacent park, which invites to walks and leisure activities in summer and winter.

EDITION MA29 consists of two solitary buildings and was designed with its idyllic surroundings in mind. The architecture of the property is puristic - in keeping with the BAUHAUS philosophy - and invites nature into the house: All living areas are fitted with high-quality floor-to-ceiling window elements that extend the living area smoothly to the outside.

As "sunrooms", the spacious loggias and sun terraces create additional outdoor recreation spaces that merge with the living areas and can be used from spring until well into fall. Since the property is hardly visible from the neighboring houses due to the large distances surrounded by old trees, the terraces also receive high-quality glass balustrades that provide a view of the green surroundings. This living quality is particularly impressive in the two penthouses: Due to the set-back terraces and roof areas, these offer an impressive panoramic view over the magnificent villa district.

EDITION MA29 is being built in a unique location in Obermenzing in the first residential row to the Nymphenburg Canal (non-binding illustration).
» EDITION MA29 was designed with the idyllic location in mind: The architecture is puristic and invites nature into the house. «
High-quality, floor-to-ceiling window elements smoothly extend the living areas to the outdoors and provide a view of the green surroundings (non-binding illustration).
Special detail: The facade of both properties will be finished with a fine textured plaster, which adds a special touch to the purist architecture (non-binding illustration).


One of the special details of EDITION MA29 is the regenerative energy concept. Both buildings will be realized as a particularly resource-saving Efficiency House 55 and, in the course of this, equipped with a high-quality heating system that decouples the properties as far as possible from the availability of oil and gas.

An energy-efficient groundwater heat pump will be installed, which, thanks to the geothermal heat, is also highly efficient in winter and covers the base load of the energy requirement. In addition, a gas condensing boiler will be added to ensure reliability and to cover peak loads. In order to provide the residents with maximum living comfort, all residential units will also be prepared for an open fireplace from the outset.

In addition to heat generation, the resource-saving building technology enables the apartments to be cooled, which is a great luxury factor during the increasingly hot summer months. Cooling is obtained exclusively from the existing groundwater wells. This passive and forward-looking form of cooling increases the living comfort of the residents and also offers numerous ecological and economic advantages, such as noise-free and draught-free operation and very low energy consumption.

» EDITION MA29 features a resource-saving building technology, which can be used for heat generation in winter and cooling during the hot summer months. «

Upscale residential location

EDITION MA29 is being built in the immediate vicinity of Villa Colony 1 in Obermenzing, which was designed by the architect August Exter at the turn of the 19th century and is now protected as a landmark for architecture and villa culture.

Marsopstrasse is a particularly impressive testimony to the artistic building style of this sophisticated neighborhood: Numerous magnificent villas with spacious gardens adorn the quiet street, which runs parallel to the Nymphenburg Canal on both sides and is laid out as an avenue.

At the same time, the historically grown villa quarter offers a well-developed infrastructure that facilitates your everyday life with short distances. There are shopping facilities for every need, doctors and pharmacies as well as kindergartens, schools and sports clubs. With the Pasing train station, you have a direct public transport connection to Munich city center, and by car you are just as quickly on the highway and on the way to the mountains.

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Thanks to large distances to the neighbouring houses and an old tree population, EDITION MA29 is protected from views, offering maximum tranquility and privacy (non-binding illustration).

New Building EDITION MA29